Historic Redwine

Historic Redwine

by Dessie Fay Reed in 1995

Redwine Methodist church now sits on the remaining 10 acres of about 39 acres purchased from William Redwine on August 1, 1845. The sale was recorded over a year later in the Courthouse Records - see Book G, page 95 dated December 7, 1846. The property was bought for $40.00 by E. M. Johnson, Jonathan Mitchell, Elisha C. Barrett, and William Redwine, Jr., the Trustees in Trust for the use of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. Part of the land was already known as the Redwine Campground.

The Methodist Episcopal Church South then split and Redwine became the Redwine Methodist Church. In 1890 part of the property was sold to build what is believed to be the second church building. We do not know what happened to the first structure.

The Arbor we have on our church grounds today is the third one. It was constructed in 1936. Although the camp meetings have been discontinued, the Arbor is still used for religious services, Boy Scout meetings, and family reunions.

On April 10, 1964, Mr. Joel A. Martin, who was a member of this Church, gave a portion of his estate to Redwine Church. The estate provided funds for the educational wing, Fellowship Hall and renovation of the sanctuary. As a result, in 1974-1975 the Church was remodeled and the old Fellowship Hall was added at a cost of $148,000. The United Methodist Women's club was organized September 15, 1940. The United Methodist Men's Club was organized in 1960. Two other churches, the Oakwood Methodist Church and The Blackshear Place Baptist church, have been organized at Redwine Church.